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Keep on making...

We started making things in 2012. It all began with a table, a terrible light fixture and a few desks. More projects trickled in and this one-man-shop slowly caterpillar-crawled into its proverbial chrysalis. Then sprouted butterfly wings, etc. You know the story... 

Here we are 8 years later. Older, experienced and more skilled. We’ve made everything from hundreds of tables for your local restaurant to a custom coffee table for your living room. Every day brings something new - and we like it that way.

We could talk all day about our 5-axis CNC cutting capabilities and robust software, but the reality is our business is about you. 

Crafting furniture that makes you feel good in the spaces you spend time in is our only focus.

So, why Built? 

We’re faster, safer, and have the highest quality standards in the bay. In fact, at full speed, we are 6x faster than your average furniture fabricator. That means we can create better quality custom tables, chairs and credenzas for you, within your timeline and budget. Even with the latest technology and machinery, hand craftsmanship is the essence of everything we do.

In Summer 2021, we’re excited to introduce online products that are customizable to a fraction of an inch. You'll be able to choose your finish, material, functionality, and dimensions. Imagine a piece of furniture that's fully unique to you, at a retail price.  

We can't wait to make you something great.