BUILT to Last



To us, beauty is not only found in the way something looks, but also in the way it functions. Every aesthetic decision we make is grounded by purpose, so that we can create a product for you to be with, live with, work with… not just look at. There’s often a heftier investment when it comes to custom furniture, but with good reason. So from the BUILT crew to you, here is some helpful insight into how we turn a one-of-a-kind vision into a unique and lovely reality.


Furniture design and making is a true art. And even though we’re a small biz, our goal at the end of each day remains the same: to flourish creativity and good design in this office, shop, community, and beyond. Once a design is in place and materials have been chosen, the concept is handed off to our incredibly-skilled workers who have spent years studying and perfecting their craft. Each piece of furniture is not made by one person, but rather the team — where each part is done by an expert / technician / skilled worker.

Personal relationships form between our artisans and the pieces being made. This kind of collaboration and harmony guarantees we never take our eyes of the prize: original products with memorable detailing. But how, you ask? Joint construction, for example. It’s pretty labor intensive. A human set of eyes matching wood grains? More intensive and expensive. Hand oiling a finished piece? You guessed it… more intensive, expensive, but also very effective.


Complexity should be secret. But, we don’t mind letting you in on this one. The nature of any manufacturing process = the more that is the same, the less it costs per item (think cars, clothing, shoes, IKEA, etc). Originality comes at a price because, well, people cost more than machines.

As with most items, building a prototype can become exceedingly time-consuming and expensive with additional resources needed for its design, materials, labor, and waste. We can easily end up with 100+ hours tied to a single piece of furniture, so pricing is a direct reflection of quality and service from beginning to end. We put a lot of care and attention into every stage of design and manufacturing so that each product that leaves this shop is just how we intended it to be.


While a room filled with things can tell you a lot, we believe a room with just a few things can tell you even more. From recycled to reclaimed options, the story behind each BUILT thing will be just like you: one-of-a-kind. Of course it makes sense that a table or chair will become more expensive the more luxurious its materials become. Like antiques or fine art, a piece of quality handmade furniture associated with a skilled artisan is a lot harder to come by than a mass produced copy because it’s distinct and exclusive. Real talk.


We’re big believers in finding magic where there’s a good combination of things that serve our lifestyles and make us happy. We stand by the products we build, from their roots as thoughtfully sourced material to the intention from which they’re crafted. With every project, we’re bridging the gap between architectural and atmospheric; pursuing design with intent by looking at the big picture while considering allllll the details. Here, there’s an unwavering focus on originality and craftsmanship so you can rest assured that your investment directly aligns with our values of quality, personal attention, and rarity.